Installing OpenOCL as a Matlab toolbox (Add-on)

Download the .mltbx file from here.

With the Matlab toolbox package .mltbx you are ready to go, just double click on the file and Matlab will install the packages as an Add-on.

Then run an optimal control example by typing


in your command window.

If the file ending .mltbx is not associated with Matlab, open Matlab navigate to the .mltbx file, and right click within Matlab on the file and install the toolbox.

Installing .mltbx Matlab toolbox

During the first run, the toolbox will ask to download necessary software (CasADi). Confirm by hitting [enter].

First run confirmation message

Then these two plots should show up:

First run cart pole plots

To have a look at the code, type

open ocl.examples.cartpole

Open Cartpole example code

To see documentation, type

doc ocl